Astadia is the industry leader for mainframe migrations and modernizations. We handle millions of lines of code every year for forward-thinking businesses around the world.

For over 30 years, Astadia has taken on some of the biggest challenges in modernization, including cloud migration, replatforming, application modernization, and managed IT services in today’s blended enterprise and cloud ecosystem. We have a track record of over 300 successful migrations with world-class organizations, saving time and money, minimizing risk, and driving superior business performance.

Combining the power of both replatforming and refactoring, Astadia is the leader in high-performance mainframe modernization. As an honest broker we help organizations map out the best transformation roadmap  — combining our years of mainframe experience, partnerships with all the top cloud, systems integrators and proven methodology to determine the most efficient approach to building a foundation for digital transformation.

CobolBridge is a software tool that allows organizations to combine maintaining COBOL code with executing Java/C#. This makes it possible for developers to transition to Object-Oriented languages such as Java or C# gradually over time, for example, team by team.

The solution provides an efficient transformation option for enterprises that need to take an alternative route in their digital transformation process. : @AstadiaInc. Astadia is the industry leader for mainframe migrations and modernizations. Click to Tweet
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