Tidal Cloud

Moving to the cloud does not guarantee business agility, because how you migrate to the cloud matters.

Tidal was born to help enterprises make better decisions about cloud migration with data-driven insights.

Tidal’s ecosystem of products enables enterprise cloud migration and application management. Built for control, context, and intelligence, Tidal integrates with your existing tools, to save time and reduce errors.

The service caters for the full process of Discovery, Assessment, Planning, Execution and Cost Optimization:

  1. Business Case – Provide your teams with quick, estimate cost data reconciled with your objectives. Learn how much you can save with your custom cloud migration strategy..
  2. Assessment – A cloud readiness assessment provides an organization with the clarity of vision and concrete steps required to successfully adopt cloud.
  3. Plan – Make sure your cloud migration plan is bulletproof and data-driven with Tidal.
  4. Accelerate – Tidal Accelerator’s collaborative, application-centric approach allows you to discover, assess, plan, and manage your migration.
  5. Optimize – Tidal Saver reduces your cloud spend by 70%. Identify and dynamically allocate resources for scheduling, and map workloads to increase resource utilization.

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